Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions:



The company undertakes no liability in case of cancellation of trips due to breakdown or for reasons beyond the control of the management. However proportionate refund of fare will be allowed in case no alternate arrangement is made.

  1. Smoking and Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in the coach.
  2. Contraband and explosive articles are not allowed.
  3. Next to Ladies seat only Ladies can be Seated (or) Booked, only if incase Gents are there should adjusted with different seat*
  4. Management is not responsible for your luggages/baggage.
  5. Co-Seats of lady passenger to be confirmed to lady passenger only, no accomodation given to male passenger.
  6. Contraband and explosive article are no allowed.
  7. Pets and Animals not allowed inside the bus while Journey.
  8. Changes to the origin and/or destination of travel and customer name changes are not permited.
  9. Changes to date (or) time can be made to your booking if you notify us atleast one day prior to the scheduled departure time by visiting our branch/agency counter
  10. Processing fee will not be refunded on journey day.
  11. No cancellation is allowed for preponed (or) postponed or open ticket.
  12. Any passenger disturbing the co-passengers is liable to be alighted from the coach.
  13. No video service between 12 Midnight to 6 a.m.
  14. Please Carry Print Out Of Ticket (2 Copies) and Photo Copy of Photo Identity Card Particulars with Orginal Details While Boarding.
  15. Seats Wiil Be Confirmed Only After Successful Payment.(Depending Upon Seat Avaliablity)
  16. It is mandatory to enter the Photo Identity card particulars of one of the passengers. Please ensure that this passenger carries the same identity card while travelling. If not this will be treated as ticket less travelling.
  17. Please Enter only the serial number of your Photo-ID cards, without any special characters like /,~,.,#,-, etc. For instance, if your driving licence number is E/T-N/058/#A00649/2005, please enter only A00649
  18. All Amount Will be in INR (Indian Rupees).
  19. Kindly Read Terms and Conditions Before Doing Any Modification.
  20. Once Pre/Post Or Open Ticket Is Done ,You Cant Prepone (or) Postpone Again.
  21. In Pre/Post Or Open Ticket Is Done You Cant Do Partial Booking or Partial Cancellation.
  22. If you have not received any mails regarding Pre (or) postpone option & coupon option call to  our e-Ticketing & e-Payment related issues.
  23.  International cards are not Tranasacted in Online Booking.
  24.  Previous day’s Tickets cannot be cancelled.
  25.  The refund amount will be sent to you as a cash coupon to your email.
  26. Back End Support Team is not responsible in any Delay of Refund process, for any kind of Bus cancel (or) Bus Break Down and other related service. Any Issue we should get information from Barde Roadlines.
  27. Any E-ticketing & Coupon Related Issue contact only to 080 67309290, Any Bus Related Issue contact Reservation Enquiry  Which is mentioned in Website.

Cancellation Policy:

Less than 12 hours from the station departure time 100% Cancellation Charges
Between 12 Hrs to 24 Hrs from the station departure time 50% Cancellation Charges
Between 1 to 3 days before station departure time 20% Cancellation Charges
Between 3 to 30 days before station departure time 15% Cancellation Charges

Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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